"Every stock makes a top or bottom on some exact mathematical point in proportion to some previous high or low level." – W D Gann

We are a team of professionals in trading and wealth management solutions since 1996. We have gained expertise in designing retirement planning and wealth management solutions for many clients across India and abroad. We are traders for ourselves for many years.

At the beginning of our trading career, just like any other novice trader, we too have experienced many trading systems and methods available out there in India and abroad. We have undergone live webinars and training sessions and applied many lagging indicators and failed to find a Holy Grail to trade successfully. We have decided that knowledge can not be bought but can be gained with learning and experience.

We have done extensive research and decoded the advanced trading techniques of Gann, Fibonacci, R N Elliott, J M Hurst and Time Cycles. We have studied the mass psychology and the hidden order of the stock market. With our extensive research we have developed the most sophisticated mathematical sequences to find out the time and price intersections and pinpoint the market turning points well in advance. So far, we have achieved just a tip of the iceberg and we will continue our research till we reach our goal to become the legend traders in the world.

Today, we are happy to introduce our Stock Market Advance Forecast Graphs for Day traders and Position Traders for all trading instruments in any world market. We have been successfully trading with our graphs and decided to extend our service to all traders at all levels. We believe that this facility would definitely help Technical Analysts and all Traders to add more POWER to their Technical Analysis. We believe, "Successful trading is a recession proof job". 

Trading is a fun only when we know the direction of the market in advance!!!

Happy Trading!!!

Wonders of Time Cycles.... Notice how Time Cycles repeat from the past to the future from the below image. Whatever has happened in the past in Nifty between 2007-2008 for three and a half months period is repeated from 9:15 to 15:30 on 16th April, 2014.