A Swing Trading Concept for Futures and Options Traders

Forecast Graph for 5 or 10 Trading Days continously starting from any trading day.

What is BTST / STBT?

BTST - Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow

STBT - Sell Today and Buy Tomorrow

As a Swing Trader, when can I subscribe for the graph?

You can subscribe for our forecast graph on any trading day. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive our Forecast Graph for your selected trading instrument on the same day. Forecast period will start from the next trading day till 5th trading day for one week and till 10th trading day for two weeks forecast period. Please note Saturdays, Sundays and Trading Holidays are excluded.

For Example, if you subscriber for BTST Forecast Graph for one week on Wednesday, you will receive our Forecast Graph on the same day for Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tueday and Wednesday (Saturday & Sunday being trading holidays).

How can we take calls and on what time frame?

Swing Trading Graph (BTST/STBT Graph) is applicable only on 30mts Time Frame for NSE trading instruments like Nifty/Bank Nifty/Stocks etc. We provide 30mts Time Scale below the graph for convenience of traders. Once you find the price confirmation in the Real Time Market, you can take entry for Long or Short keeping Previous bar low as Stop Loss. However, we suggest to wait for SMA Cross over of 3 and 5 as explained in our FAQs page in detail.

What is the Subscription Cost?

Subscription Charges for BTST/STBT Forecast Graph for Stocks and Index:-

  a. For One Week (30mts Time Interval):- Rs.2000/- (Forecast for 5 Trading Days)

"For Package of 12 weeks (12 Graphs) - Rs.12000/- (Week starts from the next day of Subscription day)". Subscription day can be anyday chosen by subscriber.

  b. For Two Weeks (1 hour Time Interval):- Rs.3500/- (Forecast for 10 Trading Days)

For bank details, please visit our subscription page. Once amount deposited, please sms details of Amount Deposited, Bank Name and Name of Index or Stock with email id to 08971915459.

Advantages of Weekly BTST/STBT Package:

a. It costs only Rs.12000/- for 12 weeks

b. It valids for a period of 6 months. Subscriber can choose his own period of 5 continuous trading sessions or at different intervals within 6 months from the time of subscription confirmation.

c. Or, subscriber can also choose 12 graphs for Index or Stocks at one time at the time of subscription instead of paying Rs.2000/- per graph. It exhausts the balance at one go.

d. If subscriber chooses one graph of Nifty in the first week, he can choose a different index or stock each time for 12 weeks either continuously or at different intervals. To select a graph at different intervals, either for index or for stocks, subscriber has to inform us 2 days in advance by email and by sms to 08971915459.

e. Subscription amount once paid will not be refunded.

If the Stock Market is in the range bound and confusing Intraday Traders, better to follow bigger time frames like BTST/STBT or Daily

Is Stock Market Predictable? The answer is Yes. It is PREDICTABLE.

RCom EOD (Daily) Prediction chart comparison with Real Time Chart

Bank Nifty BTST/STBT Forecast vs Real Time Chart (30mts Interval) - 13th Nov through 17th Nov 2017

Nifty BTST/STBT Forecast Chart comparison - 6th Nov 2017 through 10th Nov 2017

Potential Stock Chart update as on 30th Oct 2017

Nifty BTST/STBT Forecast Graph comparison for the period - 30th Oct 2017 through 3rd Nov 2017

Ultratech Cements Daily Forecast Graph comparison with Real Time Chart as on 30th Oct 2017

Nifty 30mts Interval - BTST/STBT Prediction Chart comparison from 23rd Oct 2017 through 27th Oct 2017

Nifty 30mts Interval - BTST/STBT Prediction chart for 5days - 18th Sept 2017 through 22nd Sept 2017

Nifty Hourly prediction chart comparison from 7th Sept 2017 through 20th Sept 2017

11th Sept 2017 to 15th Sept 2017 - Nifty BTST/STBT Prediction Chart Comparison - 30mts Interval

4th Sept 2017 to 8th Sept 2017 - Nifty BTST/STBT Prediction chart comparison with Real Time Chart - 30mts Interval

28817-1917 Nifty BTST/STBT Prediction Chart vs Real Time Chart - 30mts Interval

31st July 2017 to 4th Aug 2017 - Nifty BTST/STBT 30mts Chart - Predicted vs Real Time

10th July 2017 to 14th July 2017 - Nifty BTST/STBT Forecast vs Real Time chart

27th June 2017 through 30th June 2017 - Nifty BTST/STBT Advance Prediction Chart comparison

19th June to 23rd June - Nifty BTST/STBT Predicted chart comparison

29th May 2017 to 2nd June 2017 Nifty BTST/STBT Forecast Graph comparison

Below is the outcome of Real Time movement of TCS in the above predicted time

Look at how International and National events affected the market in comparison to its predicted curve (in Blue Line) below.

Long Term Nifty Trend Prediction Graph Comparison with Real Time Chart (Four and Half Years)


Ceat Daily Predicted Market Timing Chart Comparison with Real Time Chart

53.70% Returns in 26 Trading Days

On 30th Aug, 2016, we have shared below Bonus Graph of Nifty Daily Forecast with our Elite Subscribers

Above Nifty Daily Prediction Chart Comparison with Real Time Chart below

26th Sept, 2016 to 30th Sept, 2016 - Nifty BTST/STBT 30mts Interval Prediction Chart comparison with Real Time Chart

Market Crash on 29th Sept, 2016 was predicted in advance