"Mathematical science, which is the only real science that the entire civilized world has agreed upon, furnishes unmistakable proof of history repeating itself and shows that the cycle theory, or harmonic analysis, is the only thing that we can rely upon to ascertain the future." – W D Gann

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

This page is very important and  Self explanatory. You will know how to understand our Advance Stock Market Prediction chart thoroughly and trade successfully.

Its all about knowing by seeing Market Reversal Key Turning Points with Market Direction for tomorrow. As a trader , if I know how market is going to trend for tomorrow in advance, half of my trading puzzle is resolved and plan my trading day. We prepare Market Timing Advance Prediction charts using Market Time Cycles from the past with other Stock Market Mathematical prediction models. Market Prediction chart does not cover the Support or Resistance Price levels.We believe that Stock Market Price moves according to Time Cycles from the past and the magnitude of the curve may different in the predicted direction.

Each Prediction chart is different and specific to Index, Stock, Commodity or Currency but to trade in Nifty Options or Stock Options, same prediction chart can be used. If Predicted Nifty Trend is Up, trade in Call Options and if Predicted Trend is Down, look at opportunities in Put Options. Same prediction chart cannot be used to other Index or Stocks since calculations are specific and restricted to stock or index specific data.

What is the accuracy of prediction graphs?

Our Forecasting graphs are highly accurate to find market turns and its direction. Most of the times, it helps us to catch the trends till the end. Please look at below three images:

Follow Key rules while enter a trade:

Rule 1: Pay attention to the main trend of the predicted chart. If the chart is showing trend for 3 hours and above, its a clear trend.

Rule 2: Use Super Trend Indicator and set aggressive parameters

Rule 3: Allow Super Trend Indicator to respond in the predicted direction

Rule 4: Once indicator confirms trend in the predicted direction, get into the trade.

Rule 5: Keep your Stop Loss above/below the previous Low or High

Rule 6: Stay with the trend till the end.

FAQs - How to Use Graphs

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FAQs - Weekly

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FAQs - Monthly

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How do I understand price in forecast graph?

Price is not part of our Forecast Graph. Though our  forecast graph is prepared based on time and price. But Time is the most important element to predict all future market turning points and its direction. We suggest subscribers to wait for price confirmation in the direction of the predicted trend and enter into the trade. Intraday graphs would be provided in 5mts prediction chart and carries time scale below the chart. If there is no confirmation of price, wait for the next trend during the day or trade on the next day. Do not allow trades to happen out of emotions.

How do I understand the Time element in your graph?

Time scale is provided below the graph and Intraday Traders will receive 5mts Forecast Graph for Nifty/Bank Nifty or stocks or Commodities or Currency. In case of positional graphs, we mention dates in all key turning points.

Do you use W D Gann's trading method to predict market turns?

W D Gann's trading method is part of our prediction tool. In addition, we use other forecasting methods, like Time Cycles, Elliott waves and J M Hurst prediction tools and mathematical and statistical models developed by us for stock market prediction.

How do I understand monthly/quarterly positional trading graph?

We mention dates at turning points in our positional graphs.

I do not find price in your forecasting graph. How do I understand market price from the graph?

Market direction in our graph is calcualted based on Time and previous turning points. You can enter and exit market as per the time stamps in our graph at the prevailing market price.

If your Forecasting graphs are so accurate, why are you trying to sell it to other traders?

Why not both? Our methods are time tested and we have been using our Graphs successfully for quite some time and still using it for our own trading and investments. We have never intended to sell it to public at large initially, but we have taken time to decide to help our fellow traders out there at minimal cost affordable to all.

Are you using stock market astrology forecasting software?

Astrology is not a part of our Forecast. We use mathematics in our calculations. 

What is the cost?

Please refer “Subscription Page” for tariff details.

Are forecasting graphs available for all markets?

Yes. We provide positional forecast graphs for stocks listed on NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, Currency, world Indices and US stocks. Intraday Forecast graphs are available for stocks listed in NSE, Indices (Nifty, Bank Nifty) and Commodities/Currencies.

If I want to subscribe for forecast graph, how can I proceed?

Please visit our subscription page and deposit the subscription amount for the desired graph and confirm us by email to mastersinnifty@gmail.com and send us an sms to 08971915459 / 09686539973.

Do you offer free trial?

No. You can either subscribe either for one day or one week and test your performance. Our cost, to prepare for one day forecast or for one week, is higher than than the subscription cost. 

How much returns one can expect in a month using your forecasting graph?

Individual performance in stock market is linked to one's own perspective on stock market. Hence, performance differs from trader to trader. Since our prediction graphs are highly accurate, we are confident that one can make good profits. Please visit our "Performance Tracker" page and check for the daily updates on our trades.

Do you offer discount for more graphs?

If we get an order for more than or equal to 5 or above graphs, please write us.  

Once payment is made, how do you send me the graph?

Once payment is confirmed to our bank account, we send you the graph before 10pm for the  following trading day by an email attachment. For intraday trading, we would be sending graphs on a daily basis and for positional trading, we send one graph for the whole period mentioning the turning dates.

Can I start making profits using Stock Market Prediction graph?

Its a difficult question to answer. Just like any other profession, it takes time to become a successful trader. But if you want to be a successful trader in a day or in a week using our forecast graph, it depends on your trading discipline.  

What is the use of introducing One day or one week forecast graphs?

There are two reasons. First and the most important reason is, it helps positional graph subscribers to opt for one day or one week subscription to nail the key turning points while minimizing the risk on Stop Loss. If there are 5 turning points in a positional forecast graph in a month or quarter, subscriber can opt for one week subscription and write us an email mentioning the dates on which he requires the intraday forecast graphs.

Second reason is to make it available as a trail. Those who take trial can observe the performance.

If Forecast Graph goes wrong, can you refund subscription amount?

Its like asking for refund after having food in a hotel complaining food is not delicious. We are charging for our services but not for profits and losses. Strictly, there is no refund policy.

Do you provide Nifty Tips through SMS?

Free or paid Nifty/Stock Tips or Nifty/Stock SMS or Nifty Intraday recommendations by email or by messengers are not part of our service. We provide Nifty/Stock prediction chart in advance and traders can choose their own trading strategy. 

How can I contact you?

Email: mastersinnifty@gmail.com or call at 08971915459