The Trend is your Friend, Until the End when it bends (Oppotunity)..


Stock Market is Predictable. There are multiple prediction models to predict market trends and in our experience Time Cycle Analysis Prediction has proved out to be accurate in predicting Market Turning Points and Market Direction. Our method of Market Prediction models are unique in picking up the repeated cycles from the past and projecting into the future. Market Cycles repeat time and again which is common in any time interval right from Intraday, End of Day, Weekly, Monthly to Yearly.

Objective of the Personalized Service..

Objective is to analyze each and every stock in your individual portfolio using our unique and advanced stock specific prediction models and suggest you whether to Hold or Exit the stock from the portfolio. A healthy portfolio should have a limit on the number of stocks to be held which should be within the reach of client's memory. Having too many stocks in a portfolio or a very few stocks will not optimize the portfolio performance. Lack of monitoring in regular intervals, lack of proper stock specific analysis using the right analytical tools would also affect the portfolio performance.

To avail this service, please send us your portfolio of stocks in excel sheet and confirm the payment details. We will take 4 to 7 working days to analyze your portfolio in details and revert. We can get connected through remote access at mutually convenient time to discuss your portfolio.

From the practical point of view, let's have a look at few slides below which are experienced by many investors and the same psychology still continues..



  • A.png
  • A1.png
  • A2.png
  • C.png
  • C1.png
  • C2.png
  • J.png
  • J1.png
  • J2.png
  • L.png
  • L1.png
  • L2.png
  • M.png
  • M1.png
  • M2.png
  • RC.png
  • RC1.png
  • RC2.png
  • S.png
  • S1.png
  • S2.png
  • SB.png
  • SB1.png
  • SB2.png
  • V.png
  • V1.png
  • V2.png
  • V3.png
  • W.png
  • X.png
  • Y.png

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