Many traders often ask me, "How can you tell what the market will do or what to do when some sudden, unexpected news happens overnight, such as wars breaking out. the death of a president, a storm damaging Cotton seriously, the failure of a large trader or brokerage house, or something of that order?"

My answer is those coming events cast their shadows before, and the market is nearly always prepared for these events and gives some indication of a change in trend before these events take place -  W.D. Gann


Tomorrow's potential stocks - For Intraday Traders

Subscription charges for Potential Intraday Stocks for next trading day

Minimum 5 Intraday Stocks - Rs.1500/- (Depending on Potentiality Nifty/Bank Nifty may or may not be part of the package)

6 - 10 Stocks - Rs.3000/-

If you want Nifty or Bank Nifty to be part of the package, please specify.

For orders more than 10 stocks, please write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please visit, "Subscription Page" for Bank Details. Please confirm payment by sms to 0897191549 and Stock code by 10 pm to get the stocks by email.


 For Swing Traders

BTST/STBT Prediction charts (30mts Interval) for the week -

Qualify for F & O segment - Nifty/Bank Nifty may or may not part of the package

Minimum 2 BTST/STBT prediction charts - Rs.4000/- (If you want your favorite Index or Stock to be part of it, please specify)

3 charts to 5 charts - Rs. 8000/-


For Daily Positional Traders - Short Term Traders with 1-3 Months Time Horizon

Potential Stocks Daily Positional Forecast Charts - All stocks qualify for Futures & Options Segment

Select any one stock chart for Rs.7500/- or 5 charts for Rs.16000/-. Please mention stock code after subscription.


For Investors with a holding period of one year

Minimum 1 prediction chart - Rs. 12000/-


For Long Term Investors with a holding period more than one year

Minimum 1 chart - Rs. 15000/-


17th Aug 2018 - Potential Intraday Stocks for Tomorrow

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Potential Stocks - EOD

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Potential Stocks - Weekly

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Potential Stocks - Monthly

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