"There is a definite relation between Time and Price" - W D Gann

Objective of "Price Power" service: 

"Know the next day's Market Price Direction & Predicted High & Low"

Important guidelines in Price Power service to get the right Entry, Stop Loss and Targets

Know the Market Direction and potential trend in advance one day before market opens

We prefer to use 30mts Intraday Time Frame in order to avoid too many whipsaws and confusions for effective intraday trading.

In the below charts, our 30 mts Intraday interval starts from 9am to 9.30am and 9.30am to 10am and so on..

In this service, we provide Predicted Market Direction for the Next Trading Day, Predicted Entry Price, Predicted Target 1 & Target 2 and Predicted High & Predicted Low in excel sheet one day in advance by email.

In the below examples, we have not used any indicators but marked our predicted price points on the price charts to plan for the next trading day. We suggest traders to trade only in the predicted direction. Trading in the reversal direction is optional. Entry Price must be the opening price of the next candle only if the previous candle closed above or below the predicted entry price. Stop Loss must be above or below the previous bar as the case may be. Target Prices can be used to book profit or keep trailing your stop loss at the low of every reversal candle to stay with the trend.

This service is purely based on the Candlestick Price Action but not interlinked with our Market Timing Advance Prediction Chart.

Please read below graphs and write us for any clarifications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nifty & Bank Nifty Predicted Trend Direction Vs Real Time Direction Comparison for Weekly & Daily

Nifty & Stocks Trend and High/Low Prediction Details:

Here is an example chart on 30mts interval to understand how to use our Trend Prediction & High & Low Price levels in Intraday Trading

19th Sept, 2016

16th Sept, 2016

Price Power is an indepth Price Action analysis taking every candlestick bar into consideration. Extremely Dynamic and Most Powerful method of catching the trend from the beginning till the end is the objective of this service. Its all about Price Action, where to set the first stop loss and trailing stops thereon in the running trend, target points and reversal points to take early entry and to stay with the trend till the end, is a process of making trading profession highly successful.

Why Price Action:

  • The “what” (price action) is more important than the “why” (news, earnings, and so on).
  • All known information is reflected in the price.
  • Buyers and sellers move markets based on expectations and emotions (fear and greed).

This service is only for those who can strictly follow ONLY PRICE ACTION with a discriplined approach as suggested by us one day before market opens. This is an End of Day service and every day we send the status of your favourite stocks in excel sheet by email and you will get to know the next day's action plan for your favorite stocks or commodities. We will send a few instructions to subscribers at the time of subscription to follow and we expect every subscriber to strictly adhere to the trading rules in order to gain robust results. If you can perform better than this service, there is no need of subscribing for this service. Subscribe and test the results for a month and let us know.

This service is applicable to all stocks of BSE, NSE, Commodities, Currency and Options.Price Power service is different from Time Power Analysis.

Once you read FAQs, please scroll down to see our Predicted Trend Direction, Predicted Entry Price and Targets

Price Power Frequently Asked Questions:

How this service is different from Advance Prediction Graph and how effective is this?

It’s a study on Market Price Action and Direction. Advance Prediction Graph is a study on Market Timing and cycle analysis. This service is highly effective and once you know the Predicted Direction of Price Movement for the next day or week, you can avoid all opposite signals and limit your trades.

Is this service based on market indicators?

No. Indicators lag behind and indicate past movement, Price Action signals about Present Situation and Market Timing indicates Future prediction of Market Movement. Price Action is more dynamic than lagging indicators.

When you offer Market Timing Prediction Graph, what is the objective of this service?

Market Prediction Graph is a Time and Cycle Analysis and a roadmap for success. Price Direction Prediction is an additional service and one can either combine this service with Market Prediction Graph or use it as a standalone service.

Do you provide Future Prediction of Price Movement in this service?

We provide the Predicted Market Price Direction for the next day (Intraday) or next week or next month for your favorite stocks or index or Commodities or Currency or Forex or any Global Stock or Index.

If I do not find time to trade intraday, do you offer positional service?

Yes. With preferred Entry Price, Stop Loss and Targets. Positional service are highly effective due to end of day study on Price Action.

Do you provide this service by sms or whatsapp?

Upon confirmation of your subscription, we will send you an excel file with details on Next Day's Predicted Direction either Intraday or Daily, Preferred Entry Price, Predicted Price Targets.

Since you are offering Price Direction Prediction service, can I use a combination of Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Intraday to nail big opportunities in the market?

Yes. You can use multiple combinations in this way

  1. Intraday and Daily
  2. Intraday, Daily and Weekly
  3. Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Can I use Market Timing Prediction and Price Direction Prediction Service together for effective trading?

You can use both the services to substantiate your trade entry and exit.

Do I need to use any software?

If you are trading Intraday, we suggest to use technical software since we provide only predicted Price Direction with preferred Entry and Target Prices. You must use technical software for further confirmation of Entry Price and Stop Loss. For Daily or Positional Traders, we provide Entry, Stop Loss and Target Prices.

Can I catch the trend from the beginning till the end in positional trading?

There are two ways to stay with trend in this service. In one way, you can book your profits at the predicted target price one or two or you can stay with the trend till it signals the opposite intraday direction. In other words, you are in a buy position and do not want to exit the targeted prices. You can wait for your next day’s excel prediction file to know the predicted intraday trend. If next day’s predicted trend is on Sell, you can take your profits in the opening bell and wait for next buy entry.

If I opt for Intraday Price Prediction Service, which time frame do you suggest?

We suggest 30mts time frame for intraday. Once you take entry in the predicted direction, stop loss should be high or low of the previous bar. Try it out for a week and see how you enjoy your stress free trading. Even working professionals can focus on the market once in every 15mts or 30mts to confirm the trend and direction.

Can I get the signals for all the stocks for intraday?

We provide a basic package of one index and 4 stocks totaling to 5. You can choose any index and 4 stocks of your choice. If you want to have 2 Indices say Nifty and Banknifty, you can select another 3 stocks totaling to 5. You can choose multiple packages of your choice.

Can I choose to get the stocks with only buy or sell signals?

Yes. You can select stocks which are only in the potential buy or sell during intraday. Once Intraday move in the predicted direction continues till end of the day, you can convert your intraday to positional trade and stay with the trend.

What are the subscription charges?

For Bank Details, please visit "Subscription Page".

Once payment is made, please send us an email with your package details to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Predicted Price Trend & Percentage of Change between Open and Close Price

(Use entry point in the predicted direction to gain higher returns than the one mentioned in the below performance)

Below are our Intraday Nifty & Stocks Predicted Entry Price and Targets. You can use indicator/s of your choice.

Below charts are 15mts interval with SMA 3 & 5 indicators for illustration purpose only.

9th Sept, 2016

6th Sept, 2016

Nifty Spot (1.02%)

Asian Paints (2.48%)

HDFCBank (0.8%)

Lupin (0.68%)

Yes Bank (3.66%)

7th Sept, 2016

Nifty Spot (-0.56%)

Britannia (2.55%)

Crompton Greaves (-1.69%)

HUL (-0.42%)

ICICI Bank (1.51%)



Gann Square of 9 Excel Calculator

  • 1-Squareof9.png
  • 2-Real Time chart.png
  • 3 Intraday.png
  • 3-SL.png
  • 4 Yesbank intra.png
  • 5 Gold Intraday.png
  • 6 Crude intra.png
  • 7 Nifty EOD1.png
  • 8 Nifty EOD2.png
  • 9 Nifty EOD3.png
  • 10 Crude EOD.png
  • 11.png
  • 11A-Gann-Sq9-comment.png
  • 12.png